Song Requests

Our DJ's arrive at bookings pre-equipped with an archive of popular music and are typically able to connect to a wifi connection at a venue in order to download songs on the fly. However there may be some occasions where you would wish to specify some songs in advance of a booking such as a first dance song at a wedding. When doing this, all songs are required to be provided to our DJ's on a USB disk in MP3 file format.

Please note that whilst you can provide an entire set list if you wish to, we strongly suggest against it. This is because providing detailed playlists can potentially spoil your evening's entertainment by restricting our DJs from doing their best job by stopping them from dynamically picking apropriate music for the energy level of the room. Instead, we suggest that you provide around half a dozen or so "essential" songs and leave it to our DJ's to fit them in where appropriate in the evening.

How To Download Songs In MP3 Format From YouTube

1. Find the version of the song you want on YouTube. A good way to find a good version is to search YouTube for the name of the song you wish followed by the word “lyrics” as this often returns youtube videos containing the ‘radio’ version of the song, rather than a music video version which can sometimes have spoken parts or modifications for video which would sound silly when played at a disco.

2. Highlight the Youtube URL of the song and copy it to the clipboard by pressing CTRL-C on a PC or CMD-C on a Mac.

3. Search Google for “YouTube to Mp3”. This will return various websites whose function is to convert Youtube videos into MP3 files for you to download. These are simple to operate and are usually a case of pasting the YouTube URL into a a form field (CTRL-V on a PC or CMD-V on a Mac) then pressing a button. Subsequently the website will generate the MP3 file from the YouTube video that you can then download.

4. Finally drag the downloaded files onto a USB disk and give the disk to our DJ upon arrival.