About Us

At Ritz Media, we provide premium quality photo, video and entertainment services. Our team consists of various specialists in fields relating to events.

Meet Our Team


John King

John has extraordinary skills in multiple areas, making him one of the most versatile and sought after people for special events in Scotland.


Lloyd Stevenson

A highly skilled photographer and a DJ who is passionate about creating photos that attract attention and stand out with a 'wow' factor.


Jacki Hamilton

A specialist wedding photographer, Jacki is a full-time professional specialist in wedding photography. 


Brian Ovens

Brian is a world-class sleight-of-hand magician whose stunning magic tricks will leave your guests speechless.


Liam A Black

Liam is a skilled mind reader who can entertain your guests with impossible psychic demonstrations.

Paul Cochrane

A high end videography specialist, Paul does incredible wedding videos.