John King - Special Event Magic Shows

Next-level entertainment for special events provided by Scotland's leading magician.

Ritz Media's John King can provide magical entertainment at your event with demonstration of impossible feats. The magic performance can be performed either strolling amongst your guests or for all your guests at once in a on stage or in a more intimate environment.

John's range of effects include bending your guests borrowed coins with his fingertips, reading your guests mind and much more.


See John In Action

Check out the following (spoiler-free!) video showing John performing and the kinds of reactions you can expect when you have John perform for your guests at your event.

Why have John at your event?

Elite-level magic performances add a "wow" factor to an event and make it seem very special in the eyes of your guests. They won't have seen anything quite like this before!  

John can cater to small groups at a time making his way from group to group performing slick, jaw-dropping and seemingly impossible stunts and leaving a trail of applause, happy faces and impossible objects (such as bent coins that once belonged to your guests) in his path.

Alternatively John can perform for all your guests at once, giving everyone the change to witness the impossible and has a range of routines optimised for large audences including a hypnotism act and a stunning mind reading act where he will read the minds of any random person in the entire audience with stunning accuracy.

John's magic performances are so strong they'll ensure  for a long time after the event.